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Anti-Trump protests held in US, several other countries

Anti-Trump protests held in US, several other countries

Angry Americans have held protests in several cities against new president Donald Trump. Clashes erupted between demonstrators and police in Washington DC.

Officers in full riot gear used pepper spray and sound bombs to disperse the protesters. In return, the demonstrators hurled stones at the police. According to Washington’s police department, more than 200 protesters were detained during the rallies. Earlier, thousands of people also gathered in New York City and Portland to protest against the inauguration of Trump. The protesters questioned the legitimacy of the November election and burned American flags. They vowed to continue the demonstrations. They are infuriated over Trump’s campaign rhetoric against women, immigrants and minority groups.

People in several countries have rallied to express their anger over the inauguration of Donald Trump as the new US president.

Thousands of Australians and New Zealanders took part in marches which were part of hundreds of women’s rallies planned around the world in a show of disapproval of Trump. In Sydney, people gathered in Hyde Park before marching to the US consulate. Anti-Trump sentiments were particularly high in Mexico and Latin American countries. Mexicans built a wall outside the US embassy, in a symbolic move to protest Trump’s campaign pledges for border fences and crackdown on immigrants. Argentineans burnt American flag in front of the U-S Embassy in Buenos Aires. Panamanians chanted slogans against U-S interventions in the region and burnt an effigy of Trump. Rallies against the new US president also erupted in Bolivia and Peru.

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