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Fake News: You Voted For President Trump & His Ban On Muslims! | Farrakhan Speaks Saviours Day 2017

Minister Farrakhan slams the illusion, and exposes the questionable victory of President Trump over his win over the presidency of the United States. Part 2 of this speech is schedualed for Sunday Feb 26 11 AM EST @ . Minister Farrakhan’s enemies aren’t even qualified to judge an ant, as they throw stones, hide their hands, even their faces (ex: fake social media profiles etc.). They attempt to attack the Minister with words which are void of actual facts, and behave as children by calling him names (Ex: anti-Semite, racist, bigot etc.) How foolish! These enemies often ban together to discourage supporters from making contributions, but they fail every time. (A Must Watch & Share) Get more DVD’s and Books by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan and the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad today by calling toll free 866-602-1230.

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Anti Trump Protester struck by car while blocking road on a Freeway. A large crowd of UC San Diego students walked the streets near the La Jolla area campus early Wednesday to protest Donald Trump’s victory in the hotly contested presidential election, and one was hit by a vehicle.

One of the roughly 300 people demonstrating on and around the onramp from La Jolla Village Drive to southbound Interstate 5 was struck by a car shortly after 1:30 a.m. A caller told the California Highway Patrol that person was knocked unconscious.

The injured protestor was sent to Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla to be treated, according to the CHP.

The onramp was closed during the protest but was reopened around 2:15 a.m., according to the CHP. No arrests were reported.

Numerous videos showing marching students shouting “Not My President” and “(expletive) Donald Trump” were posted to social media websites using various hashtags including notmypresident,” “UCSDprotest” and “calexit.”

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