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Human Devolution and the Failure to Self-Evolve Part 1

Human Devolution and the Failure to Self-Evolve Part 1

Human devolution as used here in reference to thinking processes and the degenerative effects of contrived ignorance, illogical fallacies and dysfunctional social intercourse. That is, a person’s self-imposed plan for acting stupidly in response to challenges of life and death. The mention of such is applied to willful abuse and nonuse of human potential for transformation into a better, more self-evolved version of the original person. Likewise elemental factors include degeneracy, deterioration and decline in terms of the failure to willfully make changes in one’s life.

A self-evolving spectrum of personal liberation requires diligent, innovative and rigorous personal study and creativity. It is the freely accepted responsibility for personal accountability in pursuing mature growth, continued application of learning skills and individual freedom for personal enlightenment. Poor attempts, or lazily feeble efforts, intentionally rely on others for acceptance, approval and “anti-thinking”. This gluttonous self-indulgent satiation follows, never leads, and fattens on the bloated misconceptions of superstitious dogmas. Human devolution is the antithesis to higher ascendency.

Illumination by way of one’s quest in life perseveres to gain uniquely from exploring and experiencing the multifaceted wonders of a limited time-frame. So little time left, and the likelihood of a human apocalypse looms ominously closer. Intellectual advancement of the species is significantly in decline. Many are foolishly lost and place any value in extraordinary personal renovation. Those who remain un-evolved increasingly delve to the depths of primal self-gratification. Instead, they choose to be regressive, arrogantly complacent and smugly materialistic. They further the demise of the human species.

Easily distracted by fallacies of inferential superficiality, many purposefully provoke the discourse of their own stupidity. As though sheep easily fleeced, they give into the sheer nonsense of being sheared so long as they feel good emotionally. And for the most part, foolishness is frequently rewarded in a society easily distracted by media infotainment. Coupled with an ever expanding insatiable economic collectivism, drones maliciously enslave themselves in a descending spiral of societal decline. There is an illusion of a “civilized people”, and it is exactly that, an illusion. One needs only to look around the globe and witness the human terrorism and tragedy.

While distracted, as child in a candy store, the amative inclinations of the many insist they be satiated for their myriad emotional perversities. Hope springs eternal as magical thinking clings to mythic notions of ancient superstitions. Feelings reactively fight back against the facts that evidence the reality of serious thinking. And yet, sometimes rays of light shine through the abysmal darkness of stupidity. A few, and only a few, resolve to make sense of their personal evolutionary progress. Some want to think more profoundly about the meaning of life, one’s place in it, and the journey one must travel.

Mutational degradation of intellectual capacities is encouraged by non-stop media hype embraced by mass consumer complicity. As but one example, even the educational system is an assembly line of perpetual conformity of bulk conscription. By bullying of collective conformity, hypocrisy masquerades behind platitudes of the “greatest good for the greatest number”, but not necessarily for the betterment of all. A disconnect between individualism and group cohesion is enforced by deceptively covert means. Sleight of hand tactics of confirmation bias encourage complacency of lazy thinking.

The industry of pop culture does not promote critical thinking, freedom of self-differentiation or reason by logical deduction. A mature sophistication of thought and action is often reduced to primordial tribalistic thoughtlessness.

Cruelty to others is a probable outcome. The act of “anti-thinking” in the devolution of narcissistic self-focus promotes the solidarity of purposed conformism. If you can’t have what you want immediately, to your selfish satisfaction, then you throw a social temper tantrum. Self-aggrandizement fosters self-immolation and eventually self-destruction.

The process of non-thinking, laced with heaping helpings of emotionalism, assists the non-thinker in escaping the realities of personal responsibility. All too frequently, from the mass production of assembly line education, fallacies of inferences lead to hasty mythical conclusions. Apples become oranges in the prejudiced conjecture of nebulous notions that go unchallenged. Disastrous consequences loom dangerously close, as the specter of cerebral dullness festers deep inside. Use of lose it in vigorously healthy fitness exercises applies to every aspect of the human body. Unfortunately, the terrors of strenuous introspection frighten the timid, the weak and the unimaginative among us. And yet, the devolving process of non-thinking belittles the very nature of human transformational probability. Brain cells need a workout or else they atrophy.

Emotionally charged psychobabble tends to animate public debate on just about every issue. Myth, magic and metaphor trump the curiosity for healthy skepticism in mature wisdom and understanding. For the sake of personal satiation the selfishness of many comes through pitifully to gleeful regurgitation of the news media. By repetitive persistence, televised “talking heads” spin divisive fictions of foolish rhetorical hyperbole. During an interview, as the camera closes on the irate mental inebriate, for the pretext of some imagined outrage, focus fixates on tear-jerking emotionalism.

Rather than pursue a disciplined and rational analysis of facts, the fantasy of utopic salvation results in irrational child-like outbursts. Feelings are used dishonestly to evoke exaggerated emotional reactivity that often conceals a hidden agenda. Metaphorical complicity contrives to smoke screen the necessity for ensuring competent and relevant discussion. Appeals to fictitious authority sources by quoting historic figures, using weak analogies or spouting metaphorical irrelevancies make us all look stupid. None of which proves anything but remains convincing for foolish people.

The dullness by which one interprets perceptive biases of the external world continues a degenerative slide. Disintegration of meaningful responsibility allows seduction toward ideological stagnation. Unquestioned dogmatism, for instance, is easily embraced and becomes collusion in murderous oppressions. By willing slothfulness and apathetic detachment, many would rather let others think and respond for them. In part, this means most people prefer to mimic the unquestioned perspective of others. At the same time, confirmation bias desires the simplicity of subjective validation. Templates, or “profiles”, serve the trouble free simplicity of not having to think much further.

Oversimplification of anything, within the scope of social intercourse, devalues the essentiality of transforming one to a higher level of cerebral ascendency. Complacency and communal conformity are valued more than social advancement. Enlightenment is downplayed in order that intellectual illumination is dimmed to a more shadowy reflection. In social institutions we demote, as opposed to promote, to the “lowest common denominator” and sometimes it’s called “minimum standards”. The infotainment industries are known to report, print and otherwise communicate at middle school levels. This might be the equivalent of a seventh or eighth grade range of comprehension. Similarly, politicians do likewise, especially when campaigning.

Fallacies of inference reinforce the structural basis for ongoing assertions of rampant stupidity throughout every level of society. Not many invest the time and energy to ensure critical analysis. Every instance of observation of anything changes the perception of that thing because someone perceived it. In the aftermath, predisposition changes interpretation and causation becomes selfishly skewed for the sake of personal confirmation. Because of that, the critical thinker works very hard to overcome the egoistic satiation of confirmation bias. Simplicity easily embraces stupidity. The serious thinking is intellectually cautious with regard to “magical thinking”.

The worst case scenario, or scenarios within a set of degenerating situations, will come in the aftermath of a major calamitous event. We’ve already had experiences with such close encounters following major storms. But those kinds of weather disruptions are only a precursor to catastrophic social collapse. Additional horrendous events could be another aggressive epidemic, in which millions die from a highly contagious virus. Or, the “endgame” scenario might be nuclear detonation that shuts down major power grids. At which juncture, the gas pumps stop pumping and credit cards stop scanning. Primordial self-gratification influences motivations for self-preservation.

Thinking often devolves exponentially depending on the nature, scope and scheme of the crisis. Prurient feelings, selfish urges and primal desires are generally constrained by sensitivity to various personal and social constraints. Not always, but mostly in varying degrees depending what people want for their own indulgence. Anti-thinking abounds during day to day interactions on a regular basis. But, what happens when societal collapse becomes a scary real world confrontation? Since we plan daily connections around what is “normal”, disaster contingencies become frighteningly abnormal.

As such, stupid thinking runs horrifically rampant and dangers loom out of proportion to the normal framework of “civil” consumerism. With a major collapse of social institutions and the systems they reinforce, communities degrade to anarchy. As society for what we thought it to be disintegrates, gangs, terrorists and predators of all types emerge. Many will not survive, as the rule of law becomes a thing of the past. After all, in an “apocalypse”, law enforcement, fire services and other security mechanisms will have broken down. Chaos rules and criminality has full rein. Now where does human thinking devolve to at this point? Primeval survival of the fittest has begun.

To use the metaphorical reference, the “zombie apocalypse”, as similarly used by the CDC, is to suggest that one must be prepared for bad things. This of course means really nasty stuff happening on a broader scale of social disintegration. And, you must be ready to act on your own for the sake of your own self-evolution and social survival. The potential for even greater occurrences of weather calamities, viral pandemics, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and terrorist incidents, looms closer than ever. Now, calculate in the stupidity factor, as people continue to devolve, and you get, as mentioned before, the ingredients for massive dystopia. Doesn’t take much to get anti-thinking really revved up and inventively persuasive of foolishly hasty generalizations.

From the perceptive deck of the neural titanic, the tip of the mental iceberg delves deeply below the surface. According to one source, at least one in three people believe aliens are visiting the planet on a regular basis. And if so, be careful what you wish for, because they’re unlikely to come in peace. Regarding prehistoric life forms, another one in three consider it possible dinosaurs and humans lived in the same communities together. Additionally, one in five aren’t sure whether the sun moves around the earth, or it’s the other way around. Think about that one. One half the U.S. population believe angels are real, and think they probably look like us, only with flying apparatus.

That’s just the outer coating of believable gullibility on the social periphery. No matter how many facts you show in evidence to counter emotional conjecture, people are going to believe whatever they need to believe. We are regressing as a species, with a few notable exceptions among those who exert the energy to self-evolve. And, with that, you can’t be fooled by college degrees. There’s plenty of ignorance to go around within the hallowed halls of academia. In fact for some of us, “academia” is considered an incurable affliction. All too frequently, grandiose speech cloaks the fussy thinking that conjures from magical thinking, as hope springs eternal for the ease of believability.

Emotion tainted words spew false analogies to smokes screen rationality. Mythic allusions with negative tones elude the fundamental basis for logical deductions. The abused techniques of interpersonal communication are bloated with prejudicial criticisms that scam social discourse. In search of simplistic templates to fit every situation, event or occurrence, we foolishly provoke the regression of meaningful interaction. And thereby, we hasten the devolution of the human species. Time’s up and we lose.

None the less, you can whine and snivel all you want with cute anecdotes, clever parallels and mediocre allegories. But, none of those fantasies prove anything. And, the more you babble the nonsense of fabricated conjecture, you hasten the devolution. Magical thinking in false cause projections substantiates nothing. They’re not proof with evidence, just simply ways of talking around irrelevant issues. Regardless, the unevolved “walkers” among us, stupid thinkers, wander in the gullibility of inferential fallacies.

For the “zombie”, there’s nothing terribly interesting going on at the primordial level of anti-thinking. And, given a social environment where stupidity is actually celebrated you won’t be able to change much. No, the greater good for the greatest number is a lost continent of dying landscape. With a communal structure steeped in the throes of devolutional communicative regurgitation, one will frequently encounter the mindless mayhem of animosity to critical thinking. Why be smart?

Degenerative interactivity embraces the juvenile silliness of simplistic antics that permeate everything from advertising to television “reality shows”. Each season, the stupidity index increases, with little or no help from a vastly over-rated educational system. It often seems that the less you have to think about a show’s storyline, the better you will feel. Why think deeply and profoundly? That requires hard neural application and ongoing investment of time and energy. Instead, be joyously uninformed.

Social pundits, politicians and assorted media paparazzi, worship at the incestuous altar of insidious celebrity glorification. The few real heroes go unnoticed day in and day out for the sake of self-gratification of prurient selfishness. In a movie star culture, where unenlightened arrogance reins, the pretense to “wisdom and understanding” bathes in the blather of bumper sticker witticisms. Ignorance loves a lack of knowledge in order to placate amative desires for subduing the burden of proof. Stupidity has little tolerance for psychodynamic boundary lines of social discourse.

We have betrayed the potential for human intellectual excellence, and the advancement of planetary civilization for hedonistic salaciousness. In the zeal for immediate material gratification, accompanied by stifled thinking, malevolent regression threatens the species with extinction. The opiate excesses of non-thinking, that is to say a de-evolved process of absurdity, have become more pleasurable than the mature pursuit of enlightened self-transformation. The human species has little time left.

As rationality loses cerebral proficiency to the lazy comfort of primal selfishness, the persistent tug of war stimulates the amative degeneration of the human species. The relentless and ruthless pursuit of immediate gratification, fueled by the carnality of gluttonous consumerism, has taken a toll on human social progression. And, for the sake of biased corroboration of egoistic interests, foolishness, stupidity and adult infantilism, collude in the final gasp of humanity’s gradual decline. The arrogant fixation for feelings, attention and unmerited entitlement add to the devolutionary patterns.

In the exaltation of prurient conforming obsessiveness, prideful self-indulgence and dogmatic traditionalism, most will easily acquiesce to the simplicity of neural energy conservation. As each searches for the easy way to get what one wants, at the expense of others, any calamity will socially devolve into anarchy. That is to say, it is easier to graze with cretin-like sub-humanism than to aspire to an ascendency of extraordinary enlightenment. Self-actualization, a transformation of “mind” and body into a better version than the original, will not occur for the majority.

Ideologies of extremism, drenched in the blood bath of mindless adherence, advance the cause of regression. Great numbers, in fact hordes of “shopping mall herds”, cannot focus for very long outside the immediate obsessive grazing for material acquisition. Into the “cattle chutes” of buffet line consumption, the voluntary enslavement persists at ever increasing speeds. Attention spans wander, as commercial or “breaking news” interruptions, flogged by the incessant doggerel of political hacks digress to the mundane and superficial. By institutional tyranny for dumbing down conformity, public academia prevails in the persistent success of ensuring stupidity and compliance.

Behavior, generally speaking, stems from thinking processes, as a result of the internal manifestations of personal ideations. The easy way out is typically the preferred rendition through repetitive compulsion for the vast majority. It’s trouble-free mystical thinking in lieu of logically deductive rationality in the pursuit of very profound things. An act is the consequence of thoughts, as many thoughts change from moment to moment. As an individual asserts his or her liberation in the differentiation of personality, he or she begins a journey of transformation. Yet, only a few will embrace the complex and difficult work of changing oneself to be supremely different. Most will not do the hard labor of making the productive transition that is necessary.

Over the past fifty to seventy-five years, many forms of existence have come and gone. Most of these things, like living creatures, spent a brief time in the history of the planet. After which they disappeared and now no trace can be remembered. In the blink of an eye, plants and animals, from sea life to tree tops, met an abrupt extinction. Demise, annihilation, and extermination, life forms no longer consider survival a viable option. They’re gone. And, when you’re dead, you’re dead for a very long time. A million different species met their demise and no longer exist on this planet. As nature makes its own changes, maybe it conspires against the human infestation.

Why would we think we’re any different than all the others now extinct? What level of arrogance piously pontificates the eternal existence of humankind? Allegedly we’re the superior species because we can think. A world without end, ages without consequences, why do we think were invulnerable? Yet, to the contrary for some, perhaps a learned few, or a suspicious minority, there is a sense that something catastrophic is coming. A collapse of at least societal if not global implications appears to be looming in the future. At the same time, there are all manner of apocalyptic perceptions. Whatever the final outcome, most act oblivious to the idea of human devolution.

Connected to all this is the ability to think in profoundly enlightened ways. To the contrary, while some try to self-evolve and ensure productive transformation, vast numbers have not and refuse to. Of these, what makes us think we can outlive the planet given current cultural conditions, ideological situations and social collusions? After all, earth has us beat by give or take four billion years. But, who’s counting? Us, on the other hand, maybe two hundred thousand years of primal existence. And, what about that, a couple hundred thousand years and what do we have to show for it? Did we achieve extraordinary transformations in human nature? Have we changed much?

But for the few exceptions of visionary personalities, the over whelming majority have done little to change themselves. Thinking remains primordial, simplistic, self-indulgent and foolish. Magical thinking in superstitious diversions forsakes an ascendency to higher reaches of a transformed global civilization. Have we used that time to radically evolve a highly advanced trans-human state of existence? Perhaps it’s arguable, but seems like a failing grade no matter how you try to put a positive spin on things. Meanwhile, as thinking processes devolve stupidity triumphs for human devolution.