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Mocking George Soros’s anti-Trump Protesters

Greg Gutfeld and guests make fun of the biased media, celebrities, Clinton cry babies, angry sore losers, pampered college kids and the violent rioters. ==== Before the riots after Trump was elected, Clinton’s supporters were attacking Trump’s supporters outside his campaign rallies —- but CNN and MSNBC (who wanted Clinton) tried to make it appear as though it was Trump’s supporters who were violent to sway voters towards Clinton.

2 arrested in Oregon shooting during anti-Trump protests as election tensions grow

5 Shot, 2 Life-Threatening Injuries During Anti-Trump Protest In Seattle

Anti-Trump protestersshout “Kill the police!” as riots spark shooting on portland bridge

Anti-Trump Protesters Shout ‘Kill The Police’ As Riots Spark Shooting On Portland Bridge

SWAT teams are searching for an active gunman after a police officer was shot dead in the US state of Pennsylvania this morning.

Police hunting gunman after a cop is shot dead and another is in hospital after double shooting

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