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White Students Sign Racist Petition At Baltimore High School

Arundel High School Principle Condemns Racist Petition. Plus, 2016 Marked A Rise In KKK Fliers.. Swastikas and hate speech have cropped up on bathroom walls at a few schools in the area.

Md. high school investigates petition asking students to join racist movement

Students at Arundel High School passed around a petition Friday titled “Kool Kids Klan” asking their classmates to join a movement celebrating white supremacy over black people.

Two students signed the petition.

School administrators confiscated the document and are interviewing students involved in the incident. School staff contacted Anne Arundel County police.

Lt. Ryan Frashure, a police spokesman, said investigators consulted the county State’s Attorney’s Office and decided no crime was committed.

The latest incident involves a student-created petition at Arundel High School in Gambrills, Maryland, and it’s drawn a swift rebuke from the school superintendent.

Two students at the school signed a petition asking other students to join a white supremacist movement. School superintendent George Arlotto has sent a note to parents, saying that several students were believed to be involved.

The Capital Gazette reports that the document was called the Kool Kids Klan and that police were contacted but no charges have been filed.

Administrators at an Anne Arundel County school have condemned a racist petition circulated by students that encouraged classmates to join a white supremacist movement.

The petition was written by the “Kool Kids Klan,” and was signed by two Arundel High School students.

Police said the petition contained “racially charged, highly offensive language, and anti-African American” statements and was passed around among some students at the school.

School administrators quickly identified the student responsible as well as two other students who signed the petition.

The study, conducted by Demographics Pro, a social media research company, looked at a random sample of 10,000 Trump supporters on Twitter. They were identified as backer of Trump based on hashtags used in their tweets. Then, researchers wanted to see if any of them are following white supremacists’s twitter accounts by looking at list of 10 popular Twitter accounts, including former KKK leader David Duke, Neo-Nazi activist Jason Bergkamp (who tweeted, for example, a picture of a squinting white man with the caption: “when you spot a Jew and left your gas tank at home.”) Others on the list included Ann Kelly from the White Genocide Project and many “alt-right” accounts.

The results showed a whopping 35.5% of pro-Trump Twitter users following one or more white nationalists. When a similar test was conducted with Twitters users identified as Hillary Clinton supports, no such correlation was found. Only 16 of the 10,000 Clinton supporters sampled had been following white supremacists on Twitter.

The study does not offer a scientific measure of racist sentiments among Trump supporters, nor is it clear that those Trump backers who follow white supremacist Twitter accounts necessarily identify with their views, but it does offer yet another possible explanation to the increase of social media racist discourse during this election season.

Most Americans learn in history class about the September 15, 1963, bombing of the 16th Street Church in Birmingham, Alabama, when Ku Klux Klan terrorists killed four girls. “They died between the sacred walls of the church of God,” Reverend Martin Luther King said. “And they were discussing the eternal meaning of love.”

Black churches suffered at the hands of thugs and terrorists throughout the Civil Rights era, as they had for a century before, but such attacks aren’t a matter of remote history. As recently as the 1990s, a wave of fire-bombings hit black churches.

Any one of us might die in a mass murder. But today, as the nation mourns the victims of Charleston and awaits details about the perpetrator of the attack, black Americans will be most awake to the reality that there are bigots who want to see them dead. What they’re owed by their fellow Americans is vocal solidarity, so that they’re as awake to the depth and breadth of the belief that black lives matter.

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